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Ur logo Funtooza

 Child-friendly Funtooza Logo Ideas for Riddles and Quiz Site

Dear, here I present Funtooza logo ideas for you. I hope You will Enjoy This logo And Your Request Complete. I Know you will not satisfy with this funtooza logo. So I am trying to do more work on it, therefore, I need a couple of hours. After all, it is my work. As you know editing is my passion but you know well the ground reality-based issues which I observe daily.

I, actually love these funtooza logos ideas but I think the main issue is choosing the color issue because of child love sharp and dark colors. SO I am trying to use now darker colors.
I love also Funtooza site. When I feel bored, I use to visit that site. On that site, I play different quizzes, Riddles, and Puzzles. Funtooza I will make your company slogan sooner. As you have an attractive slogan “Fun to freaking folks out”

Ur logo Funtooza
Funtooza Your web Logo has done

Funtooza you know when I look at your name, what I miss most? I miss the fizzy funny fuzzy site where I had seen a poem, which is still in my mind. Let me write here that poem.

Funtooza Logo
funtooza Your web Logo has done

Cloud Watching

There’s a rhino,
There’s a hippo,
And a super eight-winged bat!
There’s a lion,
And a monkey,
In a giant bowler hat!

There’s a castle,
With a dragon,
And the knight who’s come to slay!
There’s an octopus,
With shoes on,
And he’s holding a bouquet!

Funtooza logo
funtooza Your web Logo has done

There’s a man,
With untied laces,
Who’s just fallen in a pond!
And a wizard,
In galoshes,
Trying to mend his broken wand!

There’s a boy,
Who’s doing nothing,
Gazing up at cloudy skies.
Yes, it’s me,
I should be busy,
I’ve got school work to revise!

Courtesy >> ©2013 Gareth Lancaster


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