Ghotki Incident – Sateesh A Hindu Boy Killed in Ghotki on the name of So-called religious radicals

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Sateesh A Hindu Boy Killed in Ghotki on the name of So-called religious radicals 

Its old story and I wrote it on My Facebook Timeline. Sateesh Kumar was a very young boy lived in Ghotki, Sindh. He was killed in name Islam (What radical people got the definition of Islam)
I observed in Pakistan there are many Islams, the Islam is different in all provinces. The Islam of Sindh Province was very peaceful but now it getting more ridicule radiuses.
Sindh is the land of Sufism and liberal people by birth. this incident gave shocks to civil society of Sindh. we the facebook friends started a campaign for justice to Sateesh, we asked government must give punishment to culprits and criminals who killed him because it’s not a religious problem but it is a crime and sin, and sinner must get punishment due to Islamic Justice code or Pakistani Law code. 
Blame was on this Boy was really silly and total foolish and baseless. 
Background of this Murder:
A person from a  NonMuslim Community got drug addicted in Quetta, His family closed doors of the house on him. He was wondering the streets for much time, then he got an idea into his mind that he should change his location and migrate somewhere else to survive. then after he came to Dharki, Taluka of District Ghotki, Sindh. later on, he met with a Muslim religious leader and requested him that he want to convert from Hinduism to Islam.
That leader from Bharchundi Shareef, Made him Muslim and he also accommodates him with some job for his surveillance. he was awarded a Muslim name too. He left Hinduism but not left his drugs and he back to his drugs whenever he got money into his pocket. he was a smoker and Desi WEED and WINE taker too.
He lived in a Mosque. One day he was total drunk, he was half sleep and his eyes were  half opened, he lit a cigarette. after some puffs, he got a nap he dropped cigarette unintentionally, slowly the mosque got fire from that cigarette . 
peoples who were near to him and mosque dropped water on fire and mosque was safe then, but after that some religious ridicule peoples who were jealous at Pir of Bharchundi ( the Religious leader who made that boy a Muslim) they took this case and cashed it and play with emotional peoples . in very short time, Main roads of Ghotki was burning with Tyres of vehicles and Muslim Rally started, Surprisingly these rallies were against other Hindus who were living in Ghotki from beginning and start, in this situation Sateesh was killed, even he don’t know why he was killed.

ابوجهل جي مذهبي جنونيت ۾ قتل ٿيل شهيد ستيش جي قاتلن کي فوري گرفتار ڪيو

Sateesh A Hindu Boy Killed in Ghotki on the name of So-called religious radicals 

مذهبي اڻسهپ صرف مزاق ۽ غنڊاگردي آ. ٻيو ڇاهي. اسان حضورِاڪرم صلعم جي امن واري پروگرام کي ڇڏي ابوجهل جي جاهلانہ جذباتي جنونيت واري روش ورتي آ. جنهن شئي لاءِ چيو ويو تہ اهو قران آ ۽ جليو آ اهو سڀ هڪ سازش هئي. جيڪا بہ شئي سڙي آ اها ساڙي تہ مسلمانن پوءِ ڇو هندن جي معصوم ٻارن تي گوليون هلائي کين قتل ڪيو ويو. يار ڊڄو الله پاڪ جي قهر کان بند ڪيو پنهنجي پليت سياست. انسان جي جان کان وڌيڪ ڪجھ بہ ناهي !!!

1. سڄي رسالت قران پاڪ جي پيغام کي پهچائڻ کي پنهنجو مقصد سمجهيو ۽ قران جو موضوع انسان آهي. قران انسانن جي لاءِ آهي. انسان کانسواءِ ڪجھ نٿو بچي. هي ڪائنات تخليق بہ انسان لاءِ ٿي ۽ آخرت ۾ جنت جي تخليق بہ انسانن لاءِ آهي. رسالت ۽ خدائي نعمتن جو محور و مرڪز انسانيت آهي نہ ڪي پهاڙ و پرند.

2. تعليماتِ قران و رسالت انسانيت جي رتبي کي ڪلي عبادات کان افضل قرار ڏنو آهي.
3. اسان جي ان مواد مان مطلب اهو هرگز نہ ورتو وڃي تہ ڪنهن کي بہ اها اجازت آهي تہ ڪنهن جي بہ مذهبي ڪتاب جي حرمت جو انڪاري ٿي بي حرمتي جو مرتڪب ٿئي. هرگز نہ!!! بلڪہ پاڻ تہ ان جي بہ اجازت ڪون ڏينداسون تہ ڪوئي بہ ڪنهن جي رياضي جي ڪتاب يا ماني پچائڻ جي طريقن وارو يا خواھ ڪهڙو بہ ڪتاب ساڙي سگهي ٿو.
4. ڳالھ سڌي آ جواب ڏنو وڃي تہ گهوٽڪي واقعي جو مک ڪردار مسلمان هو تہ سزا هندن کي ڇو ملي. (تعجب ۽ ڏک ۾ آهيون)

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