All You Need To Know About Eid Mubarak 2018


Eid al Fitr is a Blessing of Allah after sacrifices of a Muslim

Eid Mubarak 2018?

What is the purpose of celebrating Eid?

Why is Eid in Islam? What is an Eid day?

Why is Eid celebrated?

Why Muslims celebrate Eid?

What is History of Eid? What is the background of Eid?

SO These are questions in every person’s mind who ever heard the word, Eid.

Eid Mubarak 2018
Eid al fitr


Eid Mubarak 2018 First of all, I want to clear Eid Mubarak 2018 is a Precious Day which is celebrating By Muslims right now.

Hence Eid Mubarak 2018 is also known as Eid al Fitr and after two months the  Eid ud Duha.

It’s my personal feeling about Eid When you keep yourself consciously thirsty and hungry for the sake of gaining God’s gifts.

In Results of these doings, He (Allah) presents you precious gifts which are called EID.

Eid SHopping Muslim Men VS Muslim Women

Muslims do shopping for new dresses, shoes and other things Because they wanted to decorate themselves on eid.

Muslim Ladies bakes sweets at home in order to present guests and later on they decorate hands with mehndi for more beauty.

Muslim women do shopping more than males from Bindiya to bangles and from bangles to sandals.

It Seems like Yes but Exactly they buy more than Muslim males. ANd for that they are more buyers. As a result, they called “Queen Shoppers”

Finally, You Can say they have art how to clean a pocket like a kitchen. Eid Mubarak 2018.

Background and History of Eid

Eid al-Fitr is an imperative religious occasion celebrated by Muslims worldwide that denotes the finish of Ramadan.

Therefore Ramzan is a great Islamic blessed month of fasting (sawm).

This religious Eid (Muslim religious celebration) is the first and final day in the long stretch of Shawwal amid which Muslims are not allowed to quick.

The occasion praises the finish of the 29 or 30 long stretches of sunrise to-dusk fasting amid the whole month of Ramadan.


Consequently, The day of Eid, in this way, falls on the principal day of the long stretch of Shawwal.

The date for the beginning of any lunar Hijri month changes in light of when the new moon is located by nearby religious specialists, so the correct day of festivity differs by area.

That’s why As per certain customs, these celebrations were started in Medina after the movement of Muhammad from Mecca.

Anas reports: When the Prophet touched base in Madinah, he discovered individuals praising two particular days in which they used to engage themselves with diversion and cheerfulness.


He got some information about the celebrations at which they answered that nowadays were events of fun and entertainment.

At this, the Prophet commented that the Almighty has settled two days [of festivity] rather than these for you which are superior to these: Eid al-Fitr and Eid Ud Daha

Eid Wishes, Facebook Statuses, Eid Whatsapp Messages and Eid wishes Post texts on social media are viral nowadays


Wishes and messages

There’s no more noteworthy satisfaction than that of achieving unadulterated Bliss. Eid Mubarak!!

Eid Mubarak to you and your family! May the enchantment of this Eid get heaps of joy your life.

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Here’s wishing you praise the day with all your dear companions and may it fill your heart with adoration.

I wish you an extremely glad and quiet Eid ul Fitr.

May Allah acknowledge your great deeds and facilitate the affliction of all people groups around.


May the gifts of Allah fill your existence with joy, opening every one of the entryways of progress now and dependable.


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Here is a longing that the gift of Allah may illuminate your direction and lead you to interminable satisfaction, and peace. Happy Eid

As Allah waters his creation, may he likewise sprinkle his wondrous gifts over you and your darling ones?

It’s daily of cheering and euphoria, it’s day of gift and peace, it’s day to reflect and consider, it’s day to celebrate together! Happy Eid with my Core of Heart 🙂

Eid Mubarak 2018
Eid Mubarak 2018




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