Sindhi Surnames hindus

Sindhi Surnames: Here’s What No One Tells You About Castes

Some Sindhi Surnames are so funny and interesting you want to make a joke about them. Sindhi castes are also often funny. Read about them in detail.4 min

Some Sindhi Surnames are so funny and interesting you want to make a joke about them. Sindhi castes are also often funny. This day we will read about them in detail. Sindhi Surnames are given names and surnames used among Sindhi in Pakistan, India, and the Sindhi diaspora.

Sindhi Surnames Brief note and List

In This post, we are discussing Non-Muslim Sindhi surnames who generally add the suffix ‘ani’ to the name of a great grandfather and adopt the name as a family name.
Naming protocol

In our country, most surnames are based on the titles of their ancestors or on the basis of their profession or any of their habits. Most Sindhi family names remain a modified form of a patronymic and typically end with the suffix -ani, which is typically used to denote noble descent from a primitive masculine ancestor. One explanation states that the -ani suffix correctly is a Sindhi variant of ‘anshi’, derived from the familiar Sanskrit word ‘ansh’, which possibly means ‘descended from’. The first part of a Sindhi surname is typically derived from the name or location of an ancestor. In northern Sindh, surnames ending in ‘ja’ (specific meaning ‘of’ ) are also common. A person’s surname would consist of the title of his or her native village, followed by ‘ja’.

Sindhi Surnames hindus

Sindhi Surnames list Starts from A to D

ASindhi Castes with Letter A
AAbhichandani Advani Adwani Agnani Ahuja
Aidasani Ailani Ajbani Ajwani Alimchandani
Alwani Amarnani Ambani Asarpota Asnani Asrani
Assomull Aswani Atlani Awatramani
BSindhi Castes with Letter B
BBabani Bablani Badlani Bajaj Basantani
Balani Balwani Bambhra Bangani Bhagat
Batheja Belani Bellani Belaramani
Bhagchandani Bhagnani Bhagwanani Bhagwani Bhambani
Bhardhwaj Bharwaney Bharwani Bhatia
Bhavnani Bhavinani Bhawnani Bherwani
Bhojwani Bijlani Binwani Budhrani Bulchandani
Budhwani Butani Buxani Bodha
CSindhi Castes with Letter C
CChabbria Chablani Chandiramani Chainani Chainrai
Chanchlani Chandnani Chandwani Changrani Chulani
Chanrai Chatani Chatlani Chawla Chatrani
Chellani Chellaramani Chhabria Chhajwani Chugeria
Chhatwani Chotrani Chugani Chuharmalani Chatppar
DSindhi Castes with Letter D
DDadlani Dansinghani Daryanani Daryani Dasani
Daswani Datwani Dayalani Dayani Dudaney
Devani Devnani Dhameja Dhanani Devjani
Dhanrajani Dhanwani Dhirmalani Dinani Detwani
Dodani Doenani Doolani Dorwani Daulatani

Sindhi Surnames List start from G to M

GSindhi Castes with Letter G
GGajwani Gandhi Ganglani Gangaramani Gianchandani
Gangwani Gehani Ghanwani Gianani Girglani
Giani Gidhwani Gidwani Girdhani Gaba
Godhawani Godia Gogia Goklani Golani
Gopalani Gulabani Gulani Gulrajani
Gungwani Gunwani Gurbani Gurbuxani
Gurdasani Gurnani Gwalani
HSindhi Castes with Letter H
HHardasani Hariramani Harisinghani Harjani Hassija
Harpalani Hashmatani Hassanandani Hassani Hinduja
Hathiramani Hemnani Hemrajani Hindhuja Hemlani
Hingorani Hiranandani Hirdaramani Hirwani
ISindhi Castes with Letter I
IIaidasani Idnani Israni
JSindhi Castes with Letter J
JJagasia Jagtiani Jagwani Jaising Jaisinghani Jaswani
Java Jawaharani Jeswani Jethani Jethmalani
Jethwaney Jethwani Jhangiani Jotwani
kSindhi Castes with Letter K
KKalani Kalra Kalvani Kamlani Kamnani
Kanuga Karamchandani Karani Karnani Katara
Keswani Kewalramani Khanchandani Khattar Kaurani
Khatwani Khemani Khemaney Khemchandani Khemlani
Kheskani Khetpal Khiani Khiatani Khilani
Khilnani Khubchandani Khudabadi Kishnani Kodwani
Kotwani Kriplani Krishnani Kukreja Kateja
Kaknani Kokal Kotai Khatri Kishanchandani
LSindhi Castes with Letter L
LLahori Lakhani Lakhiani Lakhwaney Lakhwani
Lalchandani Lalla Lalvani Lalwani Lund
Laungani Lekhrajani Ludhani Ladhani Lulla
MSindhi Castes with Letter M
MMahboobani Mahbubani Mahtani Makija Makhijani
Malkani Mangani Manghirmalani Manghnani Manglani
Manikmalani Mankani Mansharamani Mansukhani Manwani
Matai Mayani Melwani Menghani Menghrajani
Mirani Mirchandani Mirpuri Mirvani Mohinani
Moolchandani Moorjani Motiani Motiramani Motwani
Mukhi Mulani Mulchandani Munshani Murjani
Manuja Meghrajani Menda Melvani

Sindhi Family name List Starts from N to W

NSindhi Castes with Letter N
NNachnani Nain Nagpal Nagrani Nandwani
Nanwani Narwani Nathani Navani Navlani
Nebhnani Nebhrajani Nichani Noorani
OSindhi Castes with Letter O
PSindhi Castes with Letter P
PPagrani Pamnani Panjabi Panjwani Pardasani
Parwani Paryani patoli Pehlajani Peswani
Phatnani Phulwani Pohwani Pritmani Punwani
Punjabi Punjwani Pursnani Purswani
RSindhi Castes with Letter R
RRaghani Raheja Raichandani Raisinghani Rupani
Rajani Rajpal Rajmalani Rajwani Ramtri
Ramchandani Ramnani Ramrakhiani Ratnani
Relwani Rijhsinghani Rijhwani Rohera
SSindhi Castes with Letter S
SSachanandani Sachwani Sablani Sabnani Sadani
Sadhnani Sadhwani Sadarangani Sagrani Sainani
Sawlani Sajnani Sajwani Sakhrani Samtani
Shewaramani Sapra Satwani Savalani Savlani
Sidhwani Shahani Shamdasani Sharma Shewakramani
Sujanani Shivdasani Shivlani Shivnani Shroff
Surtani Sidhwani Singhani Sipahimalani Sippy
Sawnani Sukhani Sukhnani Sukhramani Sukhwani Sundrani
TSindhi Castes with Letter T
TTahiliani Talreja Tanwani Tarachandani Taurani
Teckchandani Tejwani Tekchandani Teksinghani Tewaney
Tewani Thadani Thakur Thakvani Tirathrai
Tharani Tharwani Thawani Tharumalani Tulsiani
Tilani Tillani Tilokani Tilwani Tejnani
Tolani Tolaramani Topandasani Totlani Tejsinghani
UUbrani Udasi Udeshy
Udnani Uttamchandani Uttamsingh
VSindhi Castes with Letter V
VVachani Vachhani Valasai Vanjani Vazdani
Varandani Varindani Vasandani Vasandmalani
Vasnani Vaswani Vatwani Vazarani Vingerani
WSindhi Castes with Letter W
WWadhwa Wadhwani Warde

Exclusive video guide about Sindhi Castes How to pronounce and How to Read/Write Sindhi Surnames

List Image of some Sindhi Castes

Sindhi Surnames Image

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