Sufi Song Sindhi – Jogi Naath Jalan – Kalam Mehdi Shah by Mansoor Faqeer

4 min

عاشقن ٻارڻ ٻاريو

وھ واھ جوڳي ناٿ جلن

Sindhi sufi kalam

Mansoor Faqeer Shahni is singing the poetry of Mahdi Sain of Shahpur Jahania Uhey Adhooti Alif  Parrhan, Ashiqan Barrann Baariyo Wah waah Jogi Naath Jalan

اھي آڌوتي الف پڙھن، عاشقن ٻارڻ ٻاريو
وھ واھ جوڳي ناٿ جلن

 ڄر ڄيراٽي ڄيري کايا، اُلا ڄڀيون برھ بڇايا
اُھي معشوقن جا ماريا، منزل مدد رسن

اَلّ عشق نارالله لاتئون لالي- مچ محبت جو نوبت شاھي
آڻن چاڙھن پاڻ سپاھي- ٻيا سڀ ورق وسارن

مھدي” اُنھن گھر آيو، خوديءَ کي جن پاڻ جلايو”
پرينءَ تن کي پاڻ پسايو، اُھي آڙھ منجھ اچن

Difficulty Words Meaning of Sindhi Sufi Kalam

8113 S नाथु s. m. ناٿ ناٿُ A master, lord, often used as an affix to the names of Jogis.

5442 S ज॒र s. f. ڄر ڄر The strong burning heat of fire &c.

Kalam e Mehdi sain  by Mansoor Faqeer SHahni

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Qawwali and Nanik Shahi (Yaktara Music) is the most well-known form of Sufi music and is most commonly found in the Sufi culture of the Indian Subcontinent. However, music is also central to the Sema ceremony of the whirling dervishes.
Abida Parveen, a Pakistani Sufi singer is one of the foremost exponents of Sufi music considered the finest Sufi vocalists of the modern era. Sanam Marvi another Pakistani singer has recently gained recognition for her Sufi vocal performances. Asrar Shah a Lahore-based Sufi singer who gained popularity in Coke Studio Pakistan.
A. R. Rahman, the Oscar-winning Indian musician, has several compositions which draws inspiration from the Sufi genre.

The music of India includes multiple varieties of folk music, pop, and Indian classical music. India’s classical music tradition, including Hindustani music and Carnatic have a history spanning millennia and developed over several eras. Music in India began as an integral part of socio-religious life.

Bengali singer Lalan Fakir and Bangladesh’s national poet Kazi Nazrul Islam scored several Sufi songs.

Junoon, a band from Pakistan, created the genre of Sufi rock by combining elements of modern hard rock and traditional folk music with Sufi poetry.

In 2005, Rabbi Shergill released a Sufi rock song called “Bulla Ki Jaana”, which became a chart-topper in India and Pakistan.

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