Pakistani and Indian Village life is simple Honest and Healthy

The village life is very simple, honest and Healthy

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The story of Village life is about those People who live in villages, are no artificial and hypocrites. Their happiness and troubles are very easy and their life is also limited. There is no more arrangement for their lives and a satisfying life is alive. They enjoy real peace of mind because they are free from unnecessary institutions and responsibilities of life. So the Village life is very simple honest and healthy.

The life of the Pakistani and Indian village is the traditional rural life

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Villagers of Pakistan and India usually live in houses made with bricks, mud or earth. These usually have two or three rooms with extended family members. In modern times, they are making separate homes for each family but they are not far away from each other.

They are able to increase their homes for this, they are working hard. In many parts of both countries still, people live with pet animals like buffaloes, goats, cows and ducks, hen.  inside shelf-caves, joining the walking path.

Villagers Occupations

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Most of the Village population are farmers, but other villagers include iron, hairdressers, and Kumhar, cowboys.

The village life of India and Pakistan is mostly same

There are many villages who have the shortage of safe drinking water and women of villages use to move far spots to collect safe water for drinking purpose. Here are best village life girls Hd pictures who are bringing water. They have Matka, Matti, matki, ghaghar for water.

village life pictures
Village life- Women waiting for their Turn to collect water

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Challenges to Village life

The traditional culture of the village can now be replaced due to the effects of village society to deal with the onset of modern technology. Such as pumps and tubes for irrigation. There is resistance to social and cultural changes among the Pakistani and Indian villager. That’s why various attempts have been made to manage these changes and challenges.
Village life HD Images
Village Life – A young and beautiful girl

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Village life Vs City Life – Village Life

In villages, people live in open environments. They get fresh air and sunlight. They breathe more oxygen, which they get from trees and crops, which grow in their fields. Compared to people in cities, people in villages live tireless lives. The villages do not have much noise. In villages, people generally get fresh vegetables and pure milk and consume less food in small quantities, which is very harmful. However, there are some benefits, which are in the villages of urban people.
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Village life
A woman is ready to Collect water

Village life VS City Life -City Life

In cities, there are better jobs than cities. The security system is also better. People often do not get bored because they have many entertainment and entertainment resources, such as visiting different places of importance, traveling to the zoo, some museums or exhibitions, etc. In cities, people get a better education because there are so many schools, colleges, universities, and libraries. Better medical facilities are available in the cities, as there are many large hospitals and medicines which are not available in the villages. In cities, there are many types of things, including food and clothing wear. We can get the food of choice in the hotel and restaurant. In this way, in some ways, the villages are better while some cities are better.

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Village life
Village life – A girl is in Ghoonghat


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